What I’ve Learned About Affiliate Marketing These Past Few Months

A year ago, I decided I wanted to have another website.  I’d had one a few years ago and enjoyed building and adding to it as I could.  I liked researching and coming up with things to write about and I enjoy helping others. I let that website go when I started working a full-time […]


The Importance of Consistency

A lot of people find persistence to be a difficult thing to cultivate. If people feel like they’re struggling to understand or perform a task, they might give up, but the only way to create a new path is to craft it yourself. The book you’ve always wanted to write and the exercise program that […]


Using Positive Speak in Your Journal

Do you insert positive things about yourself into your journal when you’re looking at your goals? If you’ve been looking at these kinds of articles for a bit, then you’ve probably heard about the importance of positive self-talk and things of this nature. Sometimes the world can make you feel so cynical that positive self-talk […]