Blogging for Beginners – The 5 Simple Steps to Getting Started and On Your Way

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When I started my website a few weeks ago I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about.  I had a lot of ideas and things I wanted to do but nothing really stuck with me for long.  I started my website with the idea that it would be a “variety blog” because I hadn’t decided on one niche, now I have several ideas that I’m working on.  As I began to create posts for this website I started thinking that there may be other people out there who want to start their own blog or website and don’t know how to get started.  I realize there are a lot of websites out there talking about some of the same things that I will discuss so I appreciate that you have visited my site.

These next five posts are for those of you who are looking for simple steps to getting started and on your way.  This will be a journey.  Like seeing the open road and knowing where you want to go and not really knowing how you are going to get there, but just knowing that you will.  This is blogging for beginners and I hope it is helpful to you.


The next five posts will be about “How to Start a New Blog,” “How to Develop a Blog,” “How to Customize a Blog,” “How to Monetize a Blog,” and “How to Drive Traffic to a Blog.”

Let’s get started….

Go to “How to Start a New Blog”

Happy Blogging!!


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