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Have you ever wanted to get into affiliate marketing? Are you intimidated by learning to build your own website? Do you feel overwhelmed by the learning process? Do you think you are too old to learn something new? I thought the same things. But I learned differently. And if you are open to the idea, I have the perfect solution for you!

Last year I was looking for something to help me learn how to become an affiliate marketer. I had been interested in doing so for several years but hadn’t found the time or the resources to learn how. I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. I was reading someone’s website about MLM businesses. He was comparing MLM businesses to what he was doing…affiliate marketing. I realized what he was talking about was exactly what I was looking for. I clicked on his “Get Started” invitation to check out the website that he was talking about. It was Wealthy Affiliate. What I found was so exciting! I quickly realized I had found what I was looking for.

What I Found

With Wealthy Affiliate, I could learn at my own pace. I could build my own website or more if I wanted to. I could do the training all at once or spread it over a larger period (which I did). And not only that, I began to be welcomed into a community of people who were searching for the same things…passive income, retirement income, freedom! How exciting!


Decision Time

I decided within just a few minutes to sign up for a free account and try it out. I then decided to set up my profile and go Premium. I started getting welcome messages from people from all over the world. I realized that I had stumbled upon something that would be a lasting benefit to me. I have met a lot of people all over the world this past year. They are all learning the same thing I’m learning but we are all doing it at our own pace, building our own website, and learning how to put affiliate links into our web pages. Everyone is encouraging and helpful. If you ever have a question, you just post it, and people you have never met face-to-face reach out to help you. It is amazing to me that everyone puts others first. The owners of Wealthy Affiliate have built a community that truly “pays it forward.”

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The Big Deal

Right now, if you are interested, you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free, and if you decide you’d like to make a commitment to learning, to build something from the ground up, help and encourage others, and be helped and encouraged then check it out. The big deal is whether you decide to upgrade to Premium.

As a Premium member with Wealthy Affiliate, you get access to hundreds of training on how to build your website, how to set up your affiliate links, access to a worldwide community, and much more. You have the option to build 25 free websites and 25 paid websites (you must purchase the domain name).  Get the Black Friday deal and get the Premium membership

If you are looking for a way to earn passive income and have more freedom, come join us! We are waiting for you!


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