Write Your Goals in Present Tense

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How do you go about reaching your goals? There are thousands of programs that you can look into that can help you to get a better handle on the steps that you need to follow, but what if you discovered that a simple tweak to a few words can have a massive impact on your life? It turns out that the human mind wants certain things, and one of them is to feel sure about itself. This article will show you how to write your goals in present tense.

Write Your Goals Like They Have Happened

The first step to this kind of process is relatively simple. All you have to do is to begin to record your goals. Take some time to find out what they are and how you will need to order things to make sure that these things become reality. Just be sure to write the finished draft of goals in a way that makes them sound as if they’ve already happened. This gives you a sense of accomplishment.

This is going to tap into your subconscious mind where you start making actions as if you have already succeeded at something. Where your choices are not based on what you will do someday, but what you are already on the path to doing. It is also a wonderful way to visualize what you really want in life.

Include the Path to Each Goal

Aside from your goals, the other thing that you’ll need to include is a short paragraph or list of things that specifically need to be done in order to get each of your goals. That way you’ll have a better understanding of what you need to do. It’ll also make sure that you’re more confident about the entire process. You also make part of that list the reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing and you should include positive self-talk to go along with it.

You can say something like, “I am getting a new career to provide for my family because I am a good parent.” Always make sure that you state reasons why and tell yourself something good about yourself. Even if these are things that you would generally feel stress about, telling yourself that you are good helps you to get closer to becoming the person you want to be each day. Every day when you write that part of your list, be sure that it’s a different aspect of your life.

The main reason for this is so that you don’t get to silently recite your list to yourself without really thinking about what you’re saying. Having a different focus makes sure that you connect to the goals emotionally as well as intellectually.

Write Your Goals Every Day

A lot of people are going to be a little surprised by this paragraph. It might seem sort of tedious to have to write down all of these things each day, but it is an important part of the growth process. You want to make this a part of your daily life and belief system. Something you do each day as part of your regular routine helps to cement those ideas and put them into action. When you write something new each day you can make small, calculated changes to help you assess and accomplish your goals in the long run.

Where Should You Write?

You can honestly write these things anywhere as long as they are accessible. It’s likely that some people won’t want to write on a bunch of paper that won’t be going to making them money, or they might see it as a waste in a certain way. That’s okay as long as they find some way to consistently express these ideas. See my article “Using Your Journal to Visualize Dreams and Goals.

Short Term and Long Term

You should have separate lists for goals that are long-term vs those that are short-term. When you keep separate lists you can look at them independently and focus on the ones that are coming up the fastest. You’ll find that the more organized you are, the easier it will be to keep track of all that you’ve planned. Always try to find ways to be advancing towards your goals, and you will eventually get there. Persistence is the key. After a while, all of these things will be a part of your routine.

What Kinds of Goals Can You Choose?

In reality, the possibilities are literally limitless. You can have goals about everything from health, work and finances, goals on how many people you want to meet, what kind of people you want to be around, and general emotional stability. Anything! Just be sure that you include all the parts and commit to recording them so you can allow yourself the time to reflect and adjust yourself. It’s important to remember that you can’t expect results without a careful study and active motivation to consider these things.

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Good Luck with your goals!


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