Balancing Your Life

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balancing your life

In your quest to accomplish your every goal to the point of reaching your lifetime goal, you may fail to control your passion and let it become an overwhelming obsession. This can take over your lifestyle and even your health. At this point, whatever you pursue will not become as important as your life.

You have to balance your life in achieving goals and in other important aspects of your life such as your health, family, friends, and leisure. In spite of everything, “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy” as the expression goes. And if you push yourself too hard maybe even become sick.

Setting goals in these aspects of your life are as equally important as the other goals you have set out to achieve. By spending less time or effort in these areas, your progress in work might also be affected.

It will be a challenge to balance all areas of your life. You will be too busy for everything but every positive change or goal met in any part of your life will strengthen you to create further improvements in other aspects of your life.



Your Health

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” ~Herophilus

A cliché, repeated in multiple versions of quotes, serves to remind you that without your well-being, one simply cannot be productive in work, enjoy your love with your family and friends.

Your health is the most vital aspect of your life. You cannot neglect your health, whatever age you are.

Practicing a healthy lifestyle will improve the quality of your life and those around you. It will not just increase productivity but also prolong your life. However busy you are, if you tend to maintain a nourishing and healthy diet (special occasions are exceptions), exercise sufficiently and get enough sleep. It would be a waste of your efforts to achieve your life goals if you are not healthy enough to enjoy the sweetness of your victories longer.


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Family and Friends

We are social creatures who cannot live without a single relationship with others. As such, every human is socially dependent on one another to survive right from birth.

It all started with our relationship with our mothers who gave birth to us, and then expanded to other family members, and then friends and lovers and so on. We move through life meeting people, loving people, engaging, and communicating with people.

How important is our social life?

Being socially healthy is as equally important as being mentally and physically healthy. Spending quality time with our family and friends is one of the social needs of an average person of whatever age.

After a long day of business or work, don’t just go back to the TV, your phone, or whatever electronic gadget. Try to connect with people and pay attention to their lives.

Talk to your family more often. Arrange a date with your loved one. Take the children for a trip. Discuss a topic with your fellow enthusiasts. Have a drink with old friends. Make new friends at the park. Do voluntary work or charity at a rest home. Send Christmas gifts to the orphans. The idea of a healthy social life benefits us all and it keeps us from depression and social isolation which could impact your health at a serious level.

Other than your social needs, being involved in positive relationships caters to your emotional needs. When you surround yourself with people who do not only understand your needs to love and to be loved, you also gain social support to help you recover from your losses you may experience. Relationships and social networks always work on a give-and-take basis.

Hence, such support is a privilege you receive from giving as much attention and effort to maintain positive relationships with the surrounding people. You should surround yourself with people who understand, encourage, and support you in your life while you also work to share with them your strength and inspirations.

                                                               Spending Time Alone

Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

If you start to feel overworked and that you have given all your time to everyone else except yourself then you probably should take some personal time to relieve the stress and to reflect on the main aspects of your life.

There’s nothing wrong with having some downtime for yourself, every once in a while. One’s social life is never complete without time for only the self. While most successful people are so passionate that their personal time has become their work time, many spend their leisure with different hobbies.

The amount of time spent by each of us varies but the intentions are similar most of the time, to de-stress and to recover from the strains of their passion in order to perform their best when they return to pursue their goals. By spending some time alone, you will not feel demotivated when you continue to pursue your goals. In fact, this type of self-time allows you to be happy and invigorated for further challenges.

This is also an opportunity for you to reward yourself when you have achieved a goal. Travel the world, take up a new hobby, expand your knowledge in a certain field, or even just playing video games are several ways to revitalize yourself.

There are so many options!




“The love of money is the root of all evil.”

We’ve all heard this most of our lives. It only applies when it is in the wrong hands.

There are many people who do not allow money to be all to end all. On an interesting note, many of us finish our primary and secondary education without ever being aware of the crucial aspect of personal finance in our lives.

It is only when we move out of your parent’s home, go to college, or when you get married that you start to realize that financial control over your life is key to survival in society. It is good to be aware of good practices to control your finances.

These are just a few things you can do to balance your life. The next post will continue discussing the ten good habits to maintain healthy personal finances.

Good Luck,


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