How To Develop a Winning Mindset for Success

All of us know that a positive mental attitude works wonders, but there is a lot more to it than that. If you use the proper training, you can go from having a positive mental attitude to being a success magnet! Developing a positive attitude is essential for everyone to achieve greatness. It impacts your […]

shiny red ball


Shiny Red Ball Syndrome

Shiny red ball syndrome (aka shiny object syndrome) is something I have had to deal with much of my life. Although, it didn’t have a name for me until much later in my life when my adult son brought it to light for me. We were walking into a bank one day to cash a […]


How to Stay Motivated Towards Your Goals

Most people begin the new year with resolutions or goals. Unfortunately, only a few achieve them. In fact, studies show that less than 10% of people who set goals achieve them. What does this small category of people do differently? One reason people fail to achieve their goals is that they lack focus. With so […]


10 Habits to Help You Maintain Healthy Personal Finances

Below are ten habits to help you maintain healthy finances.  We are all trying to get there.  And by all means, I will never claim to be perfect but my husband and I work on these things constantly and have been able to pay off some of our debt and save for vacations.  I hope […]


Balancing Your Life

In your quest to accomplish your every goal to the point of reaching your lifetime goal, you may fail to control your passion and let it become an overwhelming obsession. This can take over your lifestyle and even your health. At this point, whatever you pursue will not become as important as your life. You […]


How to Start an Internet Business

When thinking about starting an internet business what are the steps that you need to take? Here are a few things to consider before embarking on an internet business startup. Step 1: Register Your Business Name Should you register your internet business? It will benefit you, in the long run, to register your business with […]